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Sardinia & Corsica: from the Stone Age to Napoleon

Sep 21 - Oct 6, 2018. Tour Leader: Robert Veel

Explore Sardinia and Corsica, two Mediterranean islands which, despite centuries of invasion and settlement, retain a proud independent spirit.

Malta to Venice: aboard Sea Cloud II

Sep 22 - Oct 8, 2018. Tour Leader: Dr Kathleen Olive

Enjoy the best of land and sea travel on this 17 day tour travelling from Malta to Venice, featuring a nine-night cruise on the luxury sailing yacht Sea Cloud II.

Florence and the Italian Renaissance

Sep 22 - Oct 5, 2018. Tour Leader: Dr Nick Gordon

Settle in and relax on this residential tour as we discover the unique amalgam of enterprise, republicanism, ambition and virtuosity that shaped the Renaissance.

Iran in depth

Oct 9 - 31, 2018. Tour Leader: Dr John Tidmarsh

Discover Iran’s cultural highlights on this comprehensive tour visit, museums, monuments, palaces and gardens from the Caspian Sea to the desert city of Yazd.

From the Yarra Valley to Bendigo: Victoria’s great regional galleries

Nov 14 - 21, 2018. Tour Leader: Dr Nick Gordon

Visit the great regional galleries in Victoria, products of the Gold Rush and pastoral wealth of Victoria and still vibrant centres of visual art.

Winter in Moscow & St Petersburg

Jan 6 - 20, 2019. Tour Leader: Michael Carr

Experience the wonders of Moscow and St Petersburg on this new residential-style tour focussing on the superb public and private art collections of Russia.

Art Cities of Tuscany: Pisa, Siena & Florence

Jan 7 - 21, 2019. Tour Leader: Dr Kathleen Olive

Take advantage of off-season travel and longer stays to admire these great cities of medieval Tuscany, from Renaissance masterpieces to their modern revival.

London & Paris: art and music

Jan 17 - 31, 2019. Tour Leader: Christopher Menz

Lovers of fine art and music can spend two weeks in London and Paris on this residential style tour. Enjoy the opera and see the winter blockbuster exhibitions.

Art and History in Tasmania: including the Glover Prize

Mar 7 - 13, 2019. Tour Leader: A tour manager will accompany the group

Explore the life and works of colonial artist John Glover on this 7-day tour designed specifically for ADFAS. Attend the Glover Prize ceremony and enjoy a reception with the Governor of Tasmania.

New Zealand: nature, culture and the arts

Mar 14 - 23, 2019. Tour Leader: Dr Kathleen Olive

A cultural tour of the North Island, with visits to private sculpture parks, Art Deco architecture, Maori heritage, superb gardens and dramatic landscapes.

New York: art, architecture, history & theatre

Mar 19 - 31, 2019. Tour Leader: Dr Matthew Laing

Spend two weeks in the world’s most dynamic cultural city. Enjoy seven top performances, with visits to some of the world’s best museums and restaurants.

Sicily & the Aeolian Islands: Jewels of the Mediterranean

Mar 29 - Apr 14, 2019. Tour Leader: Gerald Deslandes

See Greek temples, Roman villas, Byzantine mosaics, Norman cathedrals and exuberant baroque architecture, in a setting of sea and mountains.

Verdi and Puccini’s Italy: a musical sojourn

Mar 30 - Apr 14, 2019. Tour Leader: Robert Gay

Explore the history of Italy’s opera greats Puccini and Verdi. Travel from Rome to Milan and Turin with Robert Gay on a music tour like no other.

Bhutan: the last Shangri-La

Apr 12 - 26, 2019. Tour Leader: Judy Tenzing

Experience a sense of timelessness on this 15-day tour, visiting mountaintop monasteries in the Eastern Himalayas, Buddhist temples and traditional villages.

Great Gardens of Cornwall & Devon

Jun 5 - 14, 2019. Tour Leader: Michael Turner

From small private gardens to great estates, enjoy the great gardens of Cornwall and Devon in their English summer glory on this new 10-day tour.